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About Honor Expert

As a child, you may have looked to your parents or teachers for guidance. As a working adult, you might have found a career mentor. But who can help you navigate the post-retirement years? Honor Expert empowers older adults to discover personalized answers to unique aging questions.

Our Story

A decade ago, our founders started Honor, a company that provides in-home caregiving, companionship, and help around the home. They were inspired to do this after seeing their own parents face aging challenges. Our founders believed in raising quality standards for their parents and helping them live the life they wanted.

In 2021, Honor joined forces with Home Instead, the world’s largest home care provider network. Together, we have a combined 36 years of experience serving older adults. Over those years, we’ve met many families who were struggling to find experts to turn to for a wide variety of aging concerns—beyond home care. “I noticed that Mom isn’t eating as much anymore,” or “Dad’s fallen a couple times and I’m getting a little worried.” They didn’t know where to turn for answers, let alone solutions.

Honor Expert was created to serve all families, no matter where they are on the aging journey. We believe that every aging adult and their family should have access to the vital tools it takes to age with dignity, comfort, and respect.

We work to make all resources and education available to anyone in need, at no cost to families. To achieve this, we receive compensation from some of the companies shared on this site. More details on that here.

Let us be your guide along your aging journey. We’re just a call away.

Our Experts

Lakelyn Hogan portrait

Lakelyn Hogan Eichenberger, Ph.D.

Lakelyn serves as gerontologist and caregiving advocate at the global headquarters of Home Instead®. There, she works to educate families, communities, and professionals in aging on the unique challenges older adults face and the resources available to help them thrive. Lakelyn speaks at national and international conferences and serves as a resource to major media including Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. She’s also a board member of the National Alliance for Caregiving and chair of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Dementia Care Provider Roundtable. Lakelyn earned a Ph.D. in Gerontology from the University of Nebraska – Omaha.

April Ibarra

April is a fierce advocate for aging well. She’s dedicated to improving the aging experience for older adults through educating and inspiring them to live their highest quality of life. A Gerontologist with over 25 years’ experience in health care, she began her career leading fitness programs for nursing home residents and initiatives for healthy aging throughout the health care continuum. Her passion is partnering with others to advocate for and collaborate on ways to enhance the lives of older adults and those who care for them. She’s certified as an Aging in Place Specialist, Senior Advisor and is a Dementia Support Group Facilitator. April earned a Masters in Gerontology from Miami University.

Jenny Munro

Jenny is a gerontologist and family caregiver who recently lost her mom to Alzheimer's disease. She and her sister were her mom’s main caregivers for over 13 years. During the final stages of her care, the family enlisted the help of home care and hospice to keep her at home. Jenny continues to be a caregiver for her 96-year-old dad who is still living at home in good health. Jenny earned a master's degree in Gerontology from the University of Nebraska – Omaha, and is a certified Alzheimer's Journey coordinator through Camden College.

Mary Rempfer, LISW

Mary has dedicated her career to working with older adults and their families. As a case manager, she assisted patients with discharge needs from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. She has worked as a Home Health and Hospice Social Worker and owned and operated two successful Home Instead franchises in St. Paul, MN. She also has served as President of Minneapolis Area Senior Worker’s Association and Minnesota Association of Home Care Social Workers. Personally, Mary helped facilitate care through the VA for her aging father and is the primary caregiver for her 88-year-old mother. Mary received a Master of Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Precious Walter

Precious Walter, LMSW

Precious serves as a social worker for seniors and their caregivers. As a Medical Social Worker, she has practiced in the Hospital, Hospice, Home Health, and Palliative Care settings. In addition, she’s had experience working with The Department of Family and Children’s Services as well as Skid Row Housing Trust of Los Angeles. Her passion for social work stems from her experience, beginning at the age of 13, helping her great-aunt navigate the social service system. Precious now serves as the Founder and an Executive member of Precious Unique Women’s Foundation Inc., where she gives back to teen girls in foster care. Precious earned a Masters in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University.