A woman helps an older adult walk up the stairs

About Honor Expert

As a child, you may have looked to your parents or teachers for guidance. As a working adult, you might have found a career mentor. But who can help you navigate the post-retirement years? Honor Expert empowers older adults to discover personalized answers to unique aging questions.

Our Story

A decade ago, our founders started Honor, a company that provides in-home caregiving, companionship, and help around the home. They were inspired to do this after seeing their own parents face aging challenges. Our founders believed in raising quality standards for their parents and helping them live the life they wanted.

In 2021, Honor joined forces with Home Instead, the world’s largest home care provider network. Together, we have a combined 36 years of experience serving older adults. Over those years, we’ve met many families who were struggling to find experts to turn to for a wide variety of aging concerns—beyond home care. “I noticed that Mom isn’t eating as much anymore,” or “Dad’s fallen a couple times and I’m getting a little worried.” They didn’t know where to turn for answers, let alone solutions.

Honor Expert was created to serve all families, no matter where they are on the aging journey. We believe that every aging adult and their family should have access to the vital tools it takes to age with dignity, comfort, and respect.

We work to make all resources and education available to anyone in need, at no cost to families. To achieve this, we receive compensation from some of the companies shared on this site. More details on that here.

Let us be your guide along your aging journey. We’re just a call or chat away.